About Corporate Hub

Corporate Hub Ltd. has been dedicated to offering a wide range of services aiming at providing best services on Architecture & Interior design, Building Maintenance Services, Furniture & Door, Aluminium & Glass Fabrication, Facilities Management and Blue Collar Staffing. Our name Corporate Hub is itself expressive. You can describe us as “one place, many corporate solutions”. We are always ready to provide you the expected service.

Message From Founder

A team of creative experts that always ready to help you with your work. Our team of specialist consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience.

To develop distinctive, client centred, corporate solution concepts and programs that support business goals and provide a unique, cost effective, one stop source for all corporate needs. Our mission is to build a binding and continuous relationship with organisations seeking Management support and provide them with continuous capabilities improvement through Continuous consultancy and continuous tools development and upgrade.

To be the top-of-mind events organiser in the country by providing excellent quality services and generating the most creative and innovative ideas, with commitment and unwavering dedication in an effort to provide its clients the finest personalised events they have aspired for.

Why Corporate Hub is for you?

We are Effective

We want every action to make sense. Beginning a project we set the expectations and targets to be achieved. We select effective solutions; analyse everything from a wide perspective. We constantly develop ourselves and workout the new effective method.


Authenticity and sincerity is our key trait. We don’t give any sort of empty promises. Our actions are fully transparent and our clients have access to them. We believe only sincere co-operation can provide the effective result.

Full of Passion

We put our whole energy & knowledge in everything we do. Our clients’ success is also our success, that’s why we always ensure to get positive results of our work.