Furniture & Door

CHL Furniture is one of the leading supplier & manufacturer of high quality furniture in Bangladesh. We are a pioneer in the industry offering the market greater choice, innovative and ergonomic designs as well as environmentally friendly furniture.


CHL Furniture has been active in providing furniture that is flexible, dynamic and attuned with the global and technological changes. The group continuously introduces new and high tech furniture to remain at the fore- front of the industry.

On the manufacturing front, we have continued to invest in new technology and machinery to continue its popular pace with new designs and styles to suit client’s needs. Having established itself as a market leader for home & office furniture, the company has also continued its growth strategy and has developed additional lines that include Kitchens and Wardrobes, Joinery & Fit outs and Custom-Made furniture.

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Office Furniture

We offer a wide range of Office systems and chairs that are flexible, dynamic and ergonomic. We understand your needs & requirements and provide solutions to fulfil them.

Home Furniture

Metal cabinets, Bulk filing & safes. With the increasing demand for space, we offer great solutions to conveniently store data, records, archives & equipment in an organised manner.

Carpeting and Blinds

We directly supply wall-to- wall and tiled carpets, vertical and venetian blinds. Our skilled personnel ensure that these are fitted with precision offering quality and excellence.